St. Mary’s Catholic School continues a tradition of academic excellence as we embrace a faith-filled future.  Our Courage shines as we live the Gospel, always seeking the Wisdom to understand God’s will as we Share the Love of God with all people.


St. Mary’s Catholic School is a community that combines Christian living with high academic standards.  Administration, faculty, staff and parents not only stress high academic goals and achievement, but also share a community that has Christ at its core.  In Christ’s spirit, life’s joys, sorrows, successes and failures are shared and borne by the entire school community.  We are a community that works, studies, plays and prays together.

St. Mary’s Catholic School is committed to a learning process that will allow each child to attain a fuller knowledge of the world, of self, and of God.  As a Catholic educational institution, St. Mary’s articulates clearly the moral standards that are implicit in all learning and attempts to make Gospel values real to its students.  Striving to provide a total education, the school realizes that educating the whole child leads to personal independence as well as personal interdependence.

In implementing a curriculum that will adjust to meet the unique needs of individual students, St. Mary’s Catholic School respects the rights, interests, and personal dignity of each child.  Learning methods utilized in all curricular areas foster creativity, stimulate an inquiring spirit, and challenge students to strive for excellence.  In all, the school supports and enriches the child’s academic, spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development as it continues to promote its high standards of excellence.

Acknowledging the parents’ role as primary and continuing educators of their children, the school encourages and appreciates parental interest and participation in the school community.  Therefore, teachers and parents of St. Mary’s Catholic School interact with open communication and cooperation.  This attitude of cooperation in the task of educating children leads to an environment that embodies a strong and joyful Christian community – a community that can contribute to the fullness of life for each of its members.

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